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Wellness Collective is a community of wellness professionals who are dedicated to helping their clients reach their fullest potential in MIND. BODY. SPIRIT.

We offer yoga and group fitness classes, personal care therapies (massage, aesthetics, holistic wellness services, etc.) and personal training (COMING SOON!)


Wellness Professionals


Cadie Selah Federmeyer
Hawk & Rose
Acupuncture & Apothecary

Licensed Acupuncturist

Holistic Women’s Health Specialist

Certified Shamanic Practitioner

Certified Kundalini Dance Instructor 

Transformational Retreat Facilitator

Cadie is a healer, partner, aunty, and lover of dance, art, and nature adventures. At age 15, she knew she wanted to go into medicine to help people and the Earth. Her soul journey guided her to environmental activism, world travel, and with twists and turns along the way, she found her path to cross-cultural traditional forms of healing and transformational medicine. She lives on acreage in the Ozarks with her partner, kitty and community. 


“I like to think of myself as a guide that helps you get to where you want to go, simply by connecting you with the wisdom of your body and spirit.  I offer tools and resources that take you to the next level in your healing journey."


Tiffany Bracamonte
417 Refine

Nurse Practitioner

I am a Nurse Practitioner with 10 years of Emergency Medicine, and 2.5 years in Aesthetic Medicine. I provide an array of services, including neuro toxin treatments, dermal filler injections, facial structure creation, weight management, custom micro-nutrient infusions, and more. I am passionate about advocating for self-love and confidence. My team of Registered Nurses are trained, dedicated, and invested in pouring into your best self. 

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Amy Reaves
Pure Wellness, LLC

Reiki Master Teacher

Traditional Naturopath

Registered Yoga Teacher

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Complementary & Alternative Health Practitioner, BC

Amy is a mom, wife, sister, and friend who is passionate about supporting those around her in their quest to be their absolute best.  She learned long ago that "one thing doesn't fix one thing, because we're not one thing," so she set out on her mission to become a lifelong student.  She uses her educational background along with her servant's heart to walk alongside her clients as they journey down their path of total health and wellbeing.

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Hope Williams
Pure Wellness, LLC

Andie Johnson
Pure Wellness, LLC

Chase Dedmon
Pure Wellness, LLC

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Level 2

I graduated from WellSpring Massage School in January 2020.  My passion is promoting total healing of your physical and energetic bodies. I offer an intuitive and personalized massage that helps to alleviate bodily pain and stiffness and promote a healthy flow of energy from head to toe.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Level 2

Hope is a loyal daughter, sister, aunt and cat mom, with a passion for adventure.  She learned early on the best way to live life is by being true to who you are, and living authentically.  Always an optimist, you can count on her positive attitude and smile to brighten your day.

In 2017, Hope graduated massage therapy school from Wellspring School of Allied Health, and recently graduated esthetics school from Paul Mitchell.  She has a passion for energy healing, and also is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner.

Hope is hard-working and throws her heart into everything she pursues.  She believes healing the mind, body, and spirit helps us attain a healthier lifestyle and a higher frequency.

Reiki Master Teacher

My name is Andie Johnson, Reiki Master Teacher/practitioner, wife, fur baby mama, and I am thankful fate has brought you to this post!  Words do not describe the level of enlightenment and growth I have experienced through this journey with Reiki.  The energy healing line of work is a rewarding one to step into.  From experiencing the benefits of this beautiful practice in my own life, I knew it was part of my purpose to share it with others.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to assist you on your journey of finding harmony within, with Reiki!

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Tiffany Keowan
TK Esthetics, LLC

Licensed Esthetician

I am a skincare specialist from Marshfield, Missouri.  I graduated from Missouri College of Cosmetology.  Skincare and beauty have been a passion of mine for a long time and now that my three boys are grown, I am finally able to follow my passion and serve you at the best of my ability.  I enjoy traveling and meeting people and look forward to sharing my experience and expertise with you!

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Amy Reaves

RYT 200, Reiki Master Teacher,

Certified Ashtanga Teacher

Amy is a business owner, a wife, mom, yogi and amateur farmer.  She loves adventure, travel, learning new things and spending time with her kids crafting or baking up the latest Pinterest fail!  Amy fell in love with yoga in 2012 when she became a single mom.  She found that time on her mat allowed her to manage the stress of everyday life and to be more actively involved and present in the lives of her kids.  

"One of my greatest passions is to help others realize their true value and reach their highest potential.  We're here to support and lift up one another!"

Anna Feagans

RYT 200, Reiki Master, Certified

Ashtanga Teacher; Yin Level 2;

Trauma Sensitive

Anna’s love for the practice of yoga began shortly after a brain cancer diagnosis. Her first 4-6 months of practice were breath work alone, healing her quite literally with pranayama. She began her training then and could not get enough. With a passion to learn and discover the yogic path she has accumulated over 500 hrs of training. Her personal practice/ teaching style are breath focused with slow, intentional movement that takes you beyond the surface into not only the deep spaces of the physical body but also the subtle body. Linking body movement with energetic flow and mental awareness, she is an advocate that yoga is for every BODY and she is eager usher others into a space of stillness, peace and ultimately self-discovery through the modality of yoga. All are welcome. 

April Eisenmann_edited.jpg
April Eisenmann

RYT 200

After years of struggling with body acceptance and simply just wanting to find a work out she could "stick too", April stumbled on to yoga in 2016 in her mid thirties. After avidly practicing for 4 years, she became a certified RYT200 instructor in February 2020. April loves a vinyasa that creates change both physically and mentally. She believes through movement and challenge the walls we create for ourselves are broken. Off the mat, April enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband, daughter and two cats. 

Aracelli Kenyon

E-RYT 200; Owner, Diverge Wellness;

Exercise Physiologist

Aracelli is a wealth of information when it comes to body function and movement!  Her focus in class is connecting mind and body to achieve optimal results, and you better believe that you're going to have fun and challenge yourself in the process!

Brittany Files

RYT 200; Reiki Level 2

Brittany started her yoga journey in 2016, taking a few classes as time permitted. It wasn’t until 2018 that Brittany really started to give herself to her practice. Yoga to Brittany is not just a physical practice, but a mental, emotional, and spiritually grounding practice. Yoga helps her with stress management, staying grounded in the present moment, and allowing time for her to be courteous to both her mind and her body. It wasn’t until she started teacher training that she began to really dig deeper into her practice. All around Brittany can see positive improvements within herself. Yoga is a practice and she realized that it’s okay to not be perfect at something. Yoga has made Brittany realize that it’s okay to fall down as long as you get back up and keep trying. Showing up for herself to her mat on a regular basis helped her to see true improvements within herself not just physically, but mentally. Yoga is her favorite self-care commitment to herself, Brittany’s hope as a teacher is that she can share her light with others in a positive and supportive way.

Cady O'Quinn

E-RYT 500, YACEP, Yin Level 2 certified, Reiki Level 2

Coming soon!

ja beach photo_edited.jpg
Carly Wilson

RYT 200

50hr Meditation Teacher

Reiki Master

Yoga helps me show up as my highest, most-authentic self. My practice has taught me that I have the power to heal while I expand my mind, body and soul. I can't wait for you to find that power too! Impact Driven. Anthropology Nerd. Earth Warrior. Reggae/Dancehall Lover. Twin Mom and Wifey, proud Jamaican-American family.  

Carrie Winchel

RYT 200

Carrie Winchel, RYT 200, is a native of the Springfield area. Carrie believes in the power of yoga to undo damage everyday life does to the mind, body, and spirit. After beginning her practice nearly a decade ago in an effort to try something new, the “magic” of yoga kept her coming back for years until she earned her 200-hour certification with Emery Bryant Yoga in 2021. Carrie’s passion is to share yoga with people who have never tried it and to bring a fresh, fun perspective to those who have been practicing for years, through music and making powerful poses accessible. When she isn’t in class or creating sequences at home, you’ll find Carrie telling her two elderly dogs how handsome they are, listening to music, or nerding out about pro wrestling.

Courtney Krueger

RYT 200

I began yoga five years ago, going to classes with my mom and sister at my hometown studio in Wisconsin. It was so easy to fall in love with the movement, but the challenge of finding fluidity in the breath and focusing the mind was what brought me back to the mat each time. After finishing my 200RYT in the summer of 2019, I've loved watching my students find their strength and grow their confidence by seeing what their body was capable of; either finding the balance in advanced postures or listening to their breath to slow down. Early this year, I completed a Trauma-Based training and an Ayurveda specialist certification to provide a welcoming and healing environment for each and every student. I can't wait to see you all on your mats.

Dulsey Stewart



Dulsey Stewart is an RYT200 and a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) through Yoga Alliance.  She has been teaching since 2019 in studios and teaching to children in schools since Jan 2021. She is married to Andy and has 2 children, Danny and DeLeighsey.  She enjoys all types of movement, including yoga, running, hiking, biking and walking her dog, Colby. 

Gretchen Stokes-Lambeth


As a fitness instructor for the last 20 years, I have spent a lot of time doing what I love - pushing others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and to reach their fitness goals!

Hayley Norton

RYT 200

Hi! My name is Hayley, and I wear many hats! A few of my favorites are wife, mom, empath, creative, healer, fitness instructor, yoga facilitator and justice warrior. I'm an Aries sun, Leo Moon and Leo Rising (that is a lot of fire, ya'll!!), I am an enneagram 7 (The Enthusiast) and a self-described introverted extrovert. I like to do things intensely, whether it's running marathons, teaching intense hot yoga, or homeschooling my kids (it's no joke, ya’ll)...amping it up and being unique is what I am all about! I love having a pumped up, super fun time in class and I hope that those good vibes always translate to you so that you can take them with you wherever your path leads you. I genuinely look forward to building community with you and being a part of raising consciousness worldwide. See you on your mat!

Wellness Collective Original_Transparent-01.png
Holly Melton

RYT 200

Coming Soon.

James Yoga Headshot_edited.jpg
James Bateman

RYT 200

Ever the student, James teaches with focus and intention as he skillfully guides his students into proper alignment. He balances his studious approach with delightful “Georgia humor”, to lighten the mood and engage his class! James has been practicing yoga for eleven years and more specifically Hot Yoga. He came to yoga trying to recover from a series of knee and shoulder injuries from years in the ARMY (jumping out of perfectly good airplanes) and years of distance running. After a few months in the hot room, the recovery was amazing and the addiction to yoga had begun. The first couple of years were spent trying to understand and master yoga fundamentals. His personal practice then evolved into a Boot Camp/Power Yoga practice and also traditional style Vinyasa. Then the desire increased to dig deeper into not only his yoga practice but also to better understand yoga philosophy and history. This was a life changing series of revelations. James completed his RYT-200 teacher training in 2021 and was a former ARMY Master Fitness Trainer. He believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, or ability. He also believes (from personal experience) that yoga can be life changing for those suffering from physical and emotional trauma. 

Jen Miller

RYT 200, BUTI YOGA, Spin, Barre,

TRX & High Fitness certified

Although my long time career is in Physical Therapy, my passion has always been health and wellness! My goal is to empower you to live your best life by pushing yourself to new limits and enjoying every moment! I believe fitness should be fun, even when it challenges you. I have taught fitness classes since 2016 and my certifications range from RYT 200 and BUTI YOGA to SPIN, BARRE, TRX and my favorite, HIGH FITNESS!  I own my fitness company, JM Fitness, which focuses on a very holistic  approach to achieving your goals through nutrition counseling and personal training. I’ve been married for over 20 years and have 2 incredible children, 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son. My goal is make fitness fun so that you can enjoy the journey and feel your best inside and out! 

Jill Oswalt

E-RYT 200, YACEP, Yin Level 3 certified, True Barre certified

Jill Oswalt is an E-RYT 200, YACEP, and Yin level 3 yoga instructor, and is True Barre certified.  She loves teaching all forms of yoga, from gentle restorative to powerful movement, all emphasizing breath and the mind and body connection.  She strives to create an environment to allow students to discover and meet their physical and mental needs on the mat. She is a frequent workshop instructor. When not teaching yoga, Jill can be found in her gardens, hiking, or biking with her husband, or loving time with her children and grandchildren.  

Kristen Stranckmeyer_edited.jpg
Kristen Stranckmeyer

RYT 200; Certified Chair & Restorative Yoga Teacher

Kristen is a wife, mompreneur, life coach, reiki practitioner, yogi, and lover of life.  She has a passion for people, travel and wellness and loves to bring groups together for adventures, retreats, and more. Kristen creates unique yoga sessions which inspire creativity and promote mindfulness, flexibility, personal growth and fun for students of all levels.


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away" 

DSC09224 (1)_edited.jpg
Kim Fenton


One night, at a weekly wine tasting, my whole life changed.  That night, a friend mentioned that I should take a yoga class with her in the morning.  She said a couple hippy dippy things that I didn’t understand, but I agreed to go.  It took about 30 minutes of immense sweat to rid my body of the alcohol.  When this happened, it was like I sobered up to more than just the previous night.  All the excuses, the ideologies, the identities I associated with, they left me for the brief remainder of class.  I was left with only consciousness and breath.  This made me wildly uncomfortable, but I was too curious to stop.  Each day I came I was terrified to meet the woman I knew I’d find on my mat.  But, everyday she was worth the process.  Overtime, I got to know this woman more and more.  Now I’m able to find her on and off my mat.  I found a freedom that no one can take from me.  This is why I practice yoga.

Mandy Urban

RYT 200, Reiki Level 2

Mandy's free spirited yet deep-thinking approach shines as she teaches.  This balances the gratefulness with which she demonstrates poses, making postures easier for her students to understand.  She provides the basic structure, then allows the freedom to experiment and play.  When off the mat, Mandy can be found canoeing down the river, playing in the dirt, collecting rocks, or growing flowers!  She loves learning about energy, other cultures, and exploring ethnic cuisine.  She's not afraid to be herself and she invites you not to be either! Join her as she flows seamlessly from one posture to the next. 

Monica Hall

RYT 200

Monica is an RYT 200 with 11 years of yoga experience.  As with may people, injury brought her into the practice, not knowing what to expect.  After a few months of consistent practice, her injury stopped being a burden to her everyday life; with the very common side effect of better mental health!  Her passion for yoga grew over the years so much that she wanted to share her love for yoga with others.  She's a former Respiratory Therapist with 10 years of experience, so to say the least, breath, circulation, and mobility are very important aspects of her practice.  She is a mom of 3 wonderful children with a loving, supportive partner who is always there to support her dreams.  Her area of yoga is mostly Vinyasa of all types, focusing on energetic, purposeful, and intentional flows.  Monica's goal is to help you feel the best you can by the end of her class.

Nikki Pascoe

RYT 200

Hi, I’m Nikki.  I’ve been teaching yoga since 2017, practicing since 1996. I’ve traveled all over the US and have trained or hold certifications in Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Children’s Movement, MBSR, Chair and Fusion.  I have been fortunate to study under some extraordinary mentors who teach an all-inclusive style practice.  I am also a momma of 2 boys that you might see from time to time in my classes. 


I hold space for trauma sensitive movement and breath. “We practice sitting on our mats in discomfort, and our will to stay becomes stronger.  We train our minds to be less reactive, to stay, to breathe until it passes. We practice on our mats to breathe a little easier.. off our mats.”

Roy Carter

RYT 200

Roy started his yoga practice in 2019 when knee surgery left him with chronic knee pain.  He quickly found that yoga helped with his pain management and became passionate about the yoga lifestyle.  His desire to help others led him to yoga teacher training.  Roy grew up on a farm, which fostered his love for animals, nature and the outdoors.  When not doing yoga, he's probably working on his small farm. 

"Love what you do and do what you love! When life gets tough, cowboy up!"

Summer Holmes

RYT 200

Hi I'm Summer! Yoga, for me, is a meditative practice. It's a way to find stillness within, self connection, and inner peace while enjoying the health benefits of strength, flexibility, and balance. I love playing with movement and music and connecting with others. Yoga inspired my meditation practice and I received my meditation certification from the Chopra Institute so that I can share meditation with others. 

I am also a mom to two amazing teenage girls, they are my life!

Susie Pharney_edited.jpg
Susie Pharney

RYT 200

Susie is a wife, dog mom, nurse, and yogi. Originally from the pacific northwest, she has a deep love for being in nature, hiking, traveling, and exploring new cultures. Susie uses her medical background to help guide students through a yoga practice that nourishes and strengthens their mind, body, and soul. Linking breath to movement, becoming deeply connected to the body, and learning to accept one’s self. A believer that yoga is for every BODY. 


“For me personally, yoga has helped alleviate both physical and emotional pain. Yoga is the tool I used while struggling through infertility and miscarriages to make peace with my body and help control my anxiety. Yoga has helped me manage my lower back pain and my plantar fasciitis symptoms. I want to share what I have learned with others to help them on their wellness journey.”

Tanna Baker Hoggatt Photo.jpg
Tanna Baker-Hoggatt

RYT 200, Baptiste Power Yoga,

Reiki Level 2

Tanna is an RYT-200, Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Level II practitioner. She found yoga nearly a decade ago and loves to share this passion with others. She originally approached yoga for the physical benefits and fell in love right away with the way she felt after class. Through a consistent practice, she found that in addition to the physical benefits, it also works wonders to help manage stress and anxiety both on and off the mat. With any free time, she enjoys being with her family and dogs hiking, floating, camping or indoors reading and listening to records.


“Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita


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