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February 12th @ 1pm: Find Your Frequency Match in Love and Life


2 Hours

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The lessons in this workshop extend beyond romantic relationships. This energetic education will also benefit your work, friends and family relationships as well.

Have you noticed a pattern, a cycle in your relationships?

Maybe it's a pattern in your romantic relationships, or similar cycles in relationships with friends and family also?

Does it seem like you attract the same type of people?

Do you give too much and not receive in return?

Do you get scared and withdrawal when things get tough?

Have you ever said, "Relationships just aren't for me?"

Do you have a hard time trusting people in relationships?

Do you struggle to communicate with clarity and confidence in relationships?

Do you wish you could find your frequency match in love?

Do you wish you could find your frequency match in friends?

😅😅😅 Whew, ok, a lot of questions, but if you're still with me...this Workshop is for YOU!!!

🎶 INCLUDES SOUND BATH to clear and reset your energy! Includes small free gift!


Yoga Mat, Water Bottle and Journal is optional. Handout will have include space for notes.

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