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February 19th @ 3pm: Tea Talks with Cadie


2 Hours

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Gong Fu Style Tea Ceremony with High Vibrational Puerh Tea

February's Topic: Cross-cultural & Ancient wisdoms of Love

Join Cadie for a monthly community gathering of puerh tea and good conversation. Some months we will end with a short meditation.

Puerh is an aged, fermented tea from the Yunnan Province in China. The best is made from old-growth tea trees in healthy, biodiverse ecosystems.

Puerh tea, which is caffeinated, is known to have mood enhancing and energizing qualities beyond that of simply caffeine. Puerh helps to reduce phlegm in the body, heal the gut micro biome with it’s fermented qualities of pre and pro biotics, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which support reduction of free radicals, activates focus and uplifts the mood.

Research has shown puerh to have anti-cancer, fat burning and cholesterol + blood pressure lowering effects!

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