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September 23rd @ 1pm: Group Past Life Regression


2 Hours

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Guided in the style of Delores Cannon, allow Certified QHHT Practitioner, Cheri Smith, to take you through a 2-hour Quantum Journey. You will be guided through 3 seperate journeys: Past Life, Meet your Guide, and Future Insights.

Past Life: Cheri will guide you into a light trance state and take you through 1 Past Life, complete with the lesson from that life and how it relates to this life now.

Meet your Guide: Everyone has a Guide/Guardian Angel that is assigned to them at birth. They are always there for support, but due to free will, you have to ask! You'll be guided to meet your personal Guide and receive messages.

Future Insights: Receive glimpses into a Future Lifetime. Bring back messages and lessons that help you navigate this current life with more confidence and peace.

What to bring: Water bottle, yoga mat, pillow, blanket or meditation pillow for comfort. This is a 2-hour workshop on the yoga studio floor. Please bring what you need to be comfortable, some blankets and bolsters will be provided. Bring a journal/notebook and pen. You'll need something to write down each experience. Bring an open mind and you'll do great!

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